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The city of Kraljevo is surrounded by very interesting and attractive mountains for hiking and trekking. Whichever way you go from the city centre, you are going to reach a mountain with the peak at least 700 m above the sea level. Long tradition of this sport and the activities of mountaineering society and tourist sector contributed to the affirmation of the city of Kraljevo as a recognizable destination for mountain and rural tourism. It is very rare for one municipality to have 4 mountain huts, 5 trekking routes (transversal hiking trails), six mountaineering societies, a European long distance path going through and a route of traditional national mountaineering event organised by Mountaineering Association of Serbia. Out of several hundred kilometres of hiking trails network within the territory of the city of Kraljevo we present to you the most popular seven.

1. Krivaca peak ascent from Rudno village

The highest peak of the mountain Radocelo (Krivaca 1643 m) is also the highest of the city of Kraljevo. It can be reached from various directions such as: Monastery Studenica, village Mlanca and Milice or from villages Bzovik and Rudno. Beauty of landscapes, great choice of accommodation, well-marked trail and the smallest ascend are the reasons we chose this trail. This round hiking trail is located within the protected area of the Biosphere reserve Golija-Studenica under UNESCO protection, the oldest in the country. Trail starts from the center of the Rudno village, at the altitude of 1.100 m and it is about 100 km away from the center of the city of Kraljevo. The trail is 17 km long with total ascend of 750 m. Gravel roads, pastures and coniferous forests alternately change towards the peak. There is a few authentic rural household to see on the way, a nice camping site close to Brevina River and a mystical old beech tree forest too. There are a few water springs on the way. When the weather is clear, you are able to enjoy the view on northern slopes of Golija Mountain, Kopaonik Mountain, Cemerno Mountain and many others.

Distance from hiking trail to the city centre: 96 km Starting altitude: 1090 m Trail length: 17 km Total altitude gain / total ascent: 750 m Max. altitude / elevation: 1643 m

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2. Visiting wild daffodil flowers

Probably the most popular hiking trail in Kraljevo is the route of traditional national mountaineering event ''Narcisu u pohode'' at Stolovi Mountain. This event is being held every year in mid-May when wild daffodil flowers bloom and when all open meadows at higher altitude become white. Starting point is the centre of the village Kamenica which lays at 330 m of altitude and the trail is about 21 km long. First 3,5 km trails follow gravel road until the first resting area ''Narcissus'' at 700 m from the sea level. From that point you can choose to continue by road or to keep walking the ridge. Whatever you choose you will constantly be able to enjoy the view of the eastern slopes of the mountain. Last 1,5 km before the peak, the trail takes you to great pasture. It is possible to encounter a heard of released horses who live freely in the mountain for a long time. Even though they are approachable for hikers and other visitors, you should be careful during close contact. At the top of the mountain (Kamariste/Usovica 1.375 m) you will see a cross 33 m high placed in 2020 at the initiative of local mountaineering society. You can also find stunning views of Goc Mountain, Zeljin Mountain, Kopaonik Mountain, The valley of the lilacs and urban zone of the city of Kraljevo. Trail is finishes at the mountain hut ''Zorica Gizdovic'' at the village Brezna, on the southern slopes of the mountain towards Goc.

Distance from hiking trail to the city centre: 15 km Starting altitude: 350 m Trail length: 21 km Total altitude gain / total ascent: 1270 m Max. altitude / elevation: 1375 m

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3. Maglic – Troglav – Stanca

Troglav Mountain is the one which reminds us of old Slavic routes and deities. It is surrounded by rivers Lopatnica and Ibar but it is reachable from many sides: from Bogutovacka Spa, village Lopatnica, village Tolisnica, direction of Cudjak stream etc. Chosen trail starts from magisterial road M-22 (Ibarska magistrala) close to Maglic Castle. First uphill takes you through Maglic village towards northwest and mainly by gravel roads. The trail is 17 km long and the highest peak Kom is 1.177 m high. Following the ridge you will climb all three peaks on the top which are nicely overlooking nearby mountains such as Stolovi, Cemerno and Jelica and the city of Kraljevo too. The end of the trail follows a gravel road which takes you to the main road to Tolisnica village. Lovely waterfalls and small whirlpools of the river Lopatnica makes this trail even more attractive. Swimming in the clean and cold river is the best refreshment after a hike in the summer time. The trail is passable and marked in both ways.

Distance from hiking trail to the city centre: 27 km Starting altitude: 280 m Trail length: 17 km Total altitude gain / total ascent: 1280 m Max. altitude / elevation: 1177 m

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4. Studena Mountain

Studena Mountain is located between Goc, Stolovi and Ravna Mountain while south-western slopes descend towards Ibar river valley. This mountain has an extensive network of mountain roads suitable for MTB riding and hiking. Probably the most popular trail is the one which goes from an abandoned Forestry log house located on the main road from Kraljevo to Goc. This 15 km round trail has gentle ascents and it is passable on both ways. This hiking trail is not well marked in the moment of publishing this article. Half of the trail passes through forests with a lot of shade. An endless pasture overgrown with juniper resembles the landscape of Stolovi which southern slopes are visible from this trail. One of the suitable places to rest is the so-called Maretova fountain, just 500 m away from the highest peak. From the top of the mountain there is a 360 view over mountains such as: Ravna, Zeljin, Kopaonik, Cemerno and Golija. Story about the origin of the name Kavgalija you will hear from local mountain guides.

Distance from hiking trail to the city centre: 24 km Starting altitude: 730 m Trail length: 15 km Total altitude gain / total ascent: 880 m Max. altitude / elevation: 1355 m

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5. Zaracka transversal hiking trail

Transversal hiking trails are marked long distance trails, usually thematic. They connect peaks, viewpoints, mountain huts, cultural monuments and checkpoints with stamps on one or few mountains. All of them offer small rewards in the form of a badge in this case for mountaineers who successfully pass them. One of those trails is Zaracka tansverzala established in 2006. It was named after Zaracka Mountain which connects the lake from Gvozdacka river at Goc with a small town Usce in the valley of Ibar river. This trail is 23 km long with an average trekking time of seven hours. The trail is marked with blue and yellow colours. Due to less cumulative ascent, it is recommended to start from the mentioned lake. After passing a coniferous than beech tree forest, trail goes by Velika livada locality (great meadow) towards Gokcanica village. This village is mentioned as one of the gifts of the first king of Serbia Stefan to his endovement Zica in The founding charter of Zica monastery. In the last few years this village with over 80 houses is becoming recognised for its intensive production of fruits such as blueberries, currant and blackberries. Last part of the trail follows gravel roads towards Usce. Two transversal stamps and a book of impressions are located at the building of Railway station in Usce. Diary and badge are issued by Mountaineering club Kraljevo.

Distance from hiking trail to the city centre: 28 km Starting altitude: 840 m Trail length: 23 km Total altitude gain / total ascent: 1150 m Max. altitude / elevation: 1190 m

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6. Samar peak ascent from Ravanica village

The highest peak of Gledic mountain (Samar 922 m) is situated in the corner of three municipalities: Kraljevo, Vrnjacka Banja and Rekovac. This peak is often visited by local mountaineers and MTB riders and it is reachable from many villages nearby: Leseva, Loboder, Gornji Dubic, Kalenicki Prnjavor and Ravanica. We present to you the round trail from Ravanica village which is easy to reach from the city centre. The trail is 18 km long with around 1000 m of total ascend and it follows local gravel roads. Mountaineering signs is not recently renewed. From the top it is possible to see the peaks of Stolovi Mountain and Goc to the south, Jastrebac Mountain to south east, Rudnik Mountain to the north and pyramidal structure of Rtanj Mountain at far east. Gledic Mountain still keeps the forests after the which whole region of Central Serbia got the name, as well as the old rural households with great potential for rural tourism. Taking in count two important medieval Serbian monasteries Kalenic and Ljubostinja in near surroundings, nearby distilleries and vineries of Zapadna Morava wine region this mountain deserves more visits and attention in the near future.

Distance from hiking trail to the city centre: 21 km Starting altitude: 300 m Trail length: 18 km Total altitude gain / total ascent: 930 m Max. altitude / elevation: 922 m

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7. Stolovi ascent from the Maglic Castle

We kept for last one technically and physically demanding hiking trail to the peak of Stolovi Mountain, which is nonetheless very popular among mountaineerers, trail runners and tourists. It is about 16 km long with cumulative ascend of 1300 m. The trail is located at western slopes of the mountain and it starts from magisterial road m-22 close to Maglic Castle. To safely cross Ibar river it is necessary to cross the pedestrian bridge which is under reconstruction in the moment of publishing this article. All other bridges nearby are not safe! The trail follows Magasnica river and soon crosses active railway line Kraljevo – Kosovska Mitrovica where special attention is needed. After 300 m trail sharply turns uphill to the right towards Klecak ridge. This rocky terrain overgrown with grass is an ideal habitat of poisonous snakes, so special attention is needed while climbing and resting. Water sources are hidden at this trail and it is hard to find them, so more than 1,5 l of water is needed and enough food for 8 hours of hiking. After climbing the peak, the trail takes you to the ridge which goes directly to Maglic Castle. At this part there are a few big rocks on the trail which could be bypassed going off the trail towards Magasnica river. If you watched Ironclad II, movie directed by Jonathan English, you will recognize this view over the castle surrounded by Ibar river which will leave you breathless. The trail is not recommended in the periods of short daylight. This trail is not recommended for dizzy headed. The trail is dangerous to climb without a licensed mountain guide.

Distance from hiking trail to the city centre: 27 km Starting altitude: 280 m Trail length: 17 km Total altitude gain / total ascent: 1320 m Max. altitude / elevation: 1375 m

View Stolovi ascent from the Maglic Castle

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Important info: The presented hiking trails are not recommended for the hiking beginners, persons with weak physical fitness and damaged health, bad orientation and without adequate equipment. Trails are not recommended for winter conditions. Hiking trail difficulty depends on length, technical requirements and inclination, terrain passability, ground surface and total ascend. Trail crossing time is relative and depends on number of the members in the group, pace of the slowest in the group, number and time of breaks and many other circumstances. Not all hiking trails are well marked. Mobile network is usually weak on most of the trails and using mobile applications instead of GPS devices is not recommended.

Recomended gear list for one day mountaineering in summer season: • mountaineering backpack (20-30 liter) • hiking poles • comfortable waterproof hiking shoes • cotton socks and gaiters • long pants • dry fit T-Shirt + spare T-shirt • windproof jacket and rain gear • a hat, sunglasses and sun cream • first aids, personal toiletries and medicines • water bottle (min. 1,5 l), energy bars, dry fruit and nuts, 1 meal and garbage bag • valid passport and travel medical insurance • mobile phone, camera, GPS device, small headlamp, external batery charger • lighter, whistle and rope

Hike responsibly: 1) Keep the forests from fire! 2) Don’t make unnecessary noise and make sure you don’t cause rockfalls. 3) Do not pick protected plants and mushrooms and keep their habitat safe. 4) All garbage (organic and non organic) bring back with you to the place with a regular and safe waste disposal! 5) Greet other mountaineers and locals and offer them your help if needed.

Tips for safe hiking: Consult your doctor before you start with mountaineering. Choose hiking trails suitable for your current physical fitness, power and health. Never walk alone! Inform some of your friends which trail you plan to go and what time. Carefully plan your activities, check weather conditions and consult local mountaineers about the passability of roads and trails. Check once more the Recommended gear list before you go. For safe hiking we recommend booking a mountain guide, trained and licensed by Mountaineering Association of Serbia. A list of mountain guides find on our web site: http://www.kraljevoturizam.rs/engleski/planinarenje.html

Mountain Rescue Service of Serbia For help in any situation and danger in the mountains, please call Mountain Rescue Service of Serbia: +381 62 464646. Please note the exact location and describe the type of accident you are reporting. Help is coming, please wait!

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