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The Tourist Organization of Kraljevo

Bogutovac Spa

An oasis of peace and quiet.

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Bogutovac Spa is located 23 km south of Kraljevo on the woodedslopes ofMount Troglav, at 520 m above sea level.

The temperate continental climate, unpolluted environment surrounded by the wooded hillsides of the surrounding mountains and the Lopatnicariver provide excellent conditions for healing, rest and recreation.

Healing mineral water temperature of 25-27 degrees of Celsius helps to cure the following diseases:

- Neuropsychiatric diseases, psychoneurosis, diseases of the vegetative nervous system, migraine neuralgia.

- Functional diseases of the heart and blood vessels, heart neurosis, high blood pressure.

- Some rheumatic diseases.

- Some diseases of the digestive system.

The Tourist Organization of Kraljevo