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The Tourist Organization of Kraljevo


WoodedGoc. The most beautiful "children's" mountain in Serbia.

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Goc is a wooded mountain that has become an interesting tourist destination thanks to its rich nature and gentle climate. Nature lovers in the spring months can enjoy long walks through the numerous coniferous and deciduous forests, while in the summer the walk through the fields of blueberries, strawberries and through the fields overgrown with mountain grass gives a special feeling.

MountainGoc is extremely rich in springs and clear mountain rivers.

It is located 25 kilometers from the city center. To get there, one must travel from Kraljevo towards Vrnjacka Banja, and at very exit from the town, a little ahead of the Beranovacmotorway, turn right and travel through the weekend settlements Kamenica and Brezna heading to the top of the mountain.

The altitude ranges between 700 and 1,154 meters. The climate is moderately continental. The climate of Goc is most suited to people with anemic and mild health, especially children.

Children's Resort ,, Goc’’ is ideal for school excursions and for aso-called "nature schools" and its new accommodation facilities satisfy the tastes of even the most choosy guests.

Goc is also a sport center with basketball courts, futsal courts, a large balloon hall, walking and jogging trails, cycling trail and also skiing and sledding trails in the winter months.

The Tourist Organization of Kraljevo