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The Tourist Organization of Kraljevo

Meet Kraljevo

An open-hearted city.

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The open-hearted city is recognizable by the streets that intersect at right angles and by the beautiful city square commanded by "Milutin" - a monument to Serbian warriors.

Kraljevo is a city of rich history and culture, on which territory a modern Serbian state was created 8 centuries ago, therefore when visiting the city and its surroundings,the inevitable tourist destinations are the medieval monasteries Zica and Studenica, the medieval fortress Maglic and the architectural pearl carved in the rock –the Upperhermitage of St. Sava.

Certainly, tourists who love and adore history should visit the City Museum, which is located on St. Sava Square,which also houses the Church of the Holy Trinity, the Historical Archive and the MasterVasa Mansion, which houses the Orthodox Spiritual Center Bishop Nikolai Velimirovic. In Kraljevo, it is worth seeing the new magnificent temple of St. Sava next to which theEparchy of Zica is located.

An unavoidable point of visit should also be the Memorial Park, the place where, during the World War II on October 14, 1941, several thousand locals of Kraljevo were shot dead by the Germans.

The city itself is of interesting architectural design and represents a real pedestrian oasis because both the central city square and the streets starting from it are closed for traffic. There are a large number of cafes, bars, patisseries and pizzerias in the pedestrian area, as well as shops selling the world's most prestigious brands. For long walks, the promenade along the Ibar River is ideal and there are several cafe raftswhere you can have a coffee or a drink and relax in the beauty of nature just a few hundred meters from the city center throng.

The Tourist Organization of Kraljevo