Journey through the valley of centuries

The Tourist Organization of Kraljevo


Countryside tourism is most developed in the villages of Rudno and Lopatnica.

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Vacation in the countryside is no ordinary holiday. It is a holiday that evokes memories.

If you want to return to some happier and more carefree times, the right choice would be the vacation in one of the numerous households in villages of Kraljevowhich provide accommodation and meals.

Whether you choose Rudno, which is ideal for all of those whowant to inhale the fresh air and treat the palate with top gastronomic specialties of local cuisine, or for Lopatnica, which by its peace and cleanliness of the river lures those who need a break from their daily rush.

Both places are placed close to cultural and historical monuments (Rudno near Studenica and Gradac monastery, Lopatnica near the Zica monastery and the medieval fortress Maglic), so vacation can be combined with visits to these important monastery and fortress.

For those with an exploratory spirit, we recommend walking on mountain trails, cycling, rafting Ibar, paragliding from Stolovi and etc.

The Tourist Organization of Kraljevo