Journey through the valley of centuries

The Tourist Organization of Kraljevo

The fortress of the Maglic

A mysterious fortress in the Valley of centuries.

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Maglic is one of the best preserved medieval fortresses in Serbia.

It is located about thirty kilometers from Kraljevo, on the highway road leading to Novi Pazar, Montenegro, Kosovo and Metohija. It is located on a high rock that dominates the Ibar valley and is led by the decorated track with resting benches for tourists to take a breather, but also enjoy the view of the beautiful wildlife that surrounds them.

Its name is given after the mist that often surrounds it and gives it a mysterious look. The origin of the fortress is also mysterious and has not been lit up to this day. It is believed to have been built after the Mongol invasion of 1240. The first written data about this medieval town dates from 1337, from the time of Archbishop Danilo II, who raised palaces and cells in addition to the then existing buildings.

The city itself consists of seven towers each a dozen meters high and the main Don-Jon tower of20 meters height. It is covered with thick walls anddue to uneven terrain is irregularly shaped. It is about 100 meters long and about 40 meters wide. It is 100 meters long and about 40 meters wide. The inner part of the city consists of two courtyards, the smaller and the larger in which arethe remains of the church of St. George and the palace, as well as a bakery and two water tanks.

Many call this fortress the Serbian Camelot, and in it is filmed the sequel to the movie "Ironclad". The film crew was delighted with the well-preserved walls and the mysterious ambience that reigns at the top of this hill.

The Tourist Organization of Kraljevo