Journey through the valley of centuries

The Tourist Organization of Kraljevo

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Cycling and mountain biking.

Kraljevo is a famous cycling center. In addition to the many champions of the sport from the ,,Metalac'' Cycling Club, the city has a large number of recreationists who enjoy this activity.Urban and suburban infrastructure is enriched with new bike lanes.

Mountain biking has even more fans. The numerous mountain trails on Stolovi, Golija, Radocelo and other mountains of Kraljevo makes it unforgettable to enjoy the natural beauty and the adrenaline rush. Cycling from Ciker (1325 m), one of the tops of Stolovi, from which on one side you can see Goc, Zeljin, Kopaonik and beautiful pastures with herds of half-wild horses on RavniStol, and on the other the town of Kraljevo or the valley of centuries, is an amazing experience.

Rafting, kayaking and canoeing.

Through the territory of the city of Kraljevo, flows the river Ibar with its cascades and rapids, often interchanged with calm course and vortex, which is ideal for rafting, kayaking and canoeing, as well as kayaking on wild waters. The Buk Grmcictrail, where competitions in wild water kayaking take place, is one of the best in this part of Europe.

Kayak Clubs ,,Studenica'' from Usce and ,,Ibar'' from Kraljevo, as well as various sports associations and extreme sports clubs have skippers, kayaks and canoes and its professional staff that is capable, with the best equipment, to safely guide tourists through this "adventure water".

There are several rafting tours. The downhill from Biljanovac to Usce is 12 kilometers long and one of the most beautiful is the 30 kilometers long trip from Usce to Maglicfull of cascades and rapids and ends at the foothill of the medieval town of Maglic.

Paragliding and panoramic sightseeing by plane.

Kraljevo and its surroundings, along with mountains, offer excellent opportunities for paragliding. Its special geomorphological conditions, as well as types of winds and air currents, provide great conditions for this adrenaline sport. All of thisensuredthe paragliding club "Eol" from Kraljevo to achieve excellent results. Solo and tandem flying is possible for those who want to enjoy flying above the Kraljevo and the surrounding area. There are several ideal takeoffs and paragliding terrains, especially in the Stolovi, Golija, Radocelo and Troglav mountains.

The Aero Club in Kraljevo has a long tradition, so the panoramic view of Kraljevo and its surroundingsfrom sports planes, has long been part of the city's tourist offer. It is possible to photograph and shoot Kraljevo from the air and enjoy the view of the "Valley of Centuries", which includes Maglic, Zica and Studenica, then the meanders of the West Morava that flows gently through the plain and the city itself, which is located on three rivers.

Driving in off-road vehicles and quads.

For this activities there are an extraordinary conditions on the territory of Kraljevo. There are a growing number of competitions, car rides or services in the form of a tourist offer by numerous clubs and associations. One way to enjoy the nature of this region is to ride these powerful four-wheelers, whether they be jeeps, ladaniva, other off-road vehicles or quads, through the "wild" breathtaking scenery.


Archery is one of the activities that can be tried out for anyone who wants to feel the knightly spirit of the MedievalAges and the Serbian tradition. It is especially authentic to shoot arrows from traditional bows used in the Medieval Ages. The Knights of the Association "Holy Prince Lazar" organize meetings to learn the basics of using these traditional weapons.

Equestrian and horse riding.

In Serbia, love towards horses has always been deeply rooted. Fostering and healing horses is a tradition of Kraljevo and surrounding villages. Fairy tales, legends or stories about knights, heroes, hajduks or uprisings, are unimaginable without great horses in them. When we add that horseback riding is considered as one of the most beautiful hobbies and that, staying with horses is a great way to relax and avoid the stress of everyday life, we get the perfect combination that is worth experiencing. That is why in the tourist organization of Kraljevo we offer a riding school, horseback riding in nature at the ,,West Morava'' equestrian club, rest and rehabilitation, spending time in the company of these noble animals, or driving in carriages.

The Tourist Organization of Kraljevo