Journey through the valley of centuries

The Tourist Organization of Kraljevo

Other events

Visiting narcissus

Mountaineering and recreational manifestation of republican character. A walk through the arranged mountainous trails ofStolovi . The organizer of this action is Mountaineering Ski Association "Gvozdac".

Ciker MTB Marathon

Cycling marathon from Kraljevo to the Montenegrian coast by alternative routes. The organizer is the Ciker Cycling Club.

Days of lilac

A traditional cultural and tourist event held in honor of Helen of Anjou, a French princess and a Serbian queen, commemorating 765 years of Serbian-French friendship.

Jolly regatta (Regatta on Ibar)

The most fun regatta in Serbia. From the medieval fortress Maglic to the town beach of Kraljevo down the river Ibar. Several thousand participants, the most imaginative vessels and several trumpet orchestras promise a crazy party on one of the most beautiful and fastest Serbian rivers.

Days of song

A music event that takes place in the village of Rocevici. It is characterized by a large number of participants, which is increasing year by year. In addition to a large number of cultural and artistic organizations, it is also attended by the most famous folk music performers. The organizer is the production of Melos.


An event held in honor of proja. A unique blend of gastronomy and folk art. It is held in the village of Ratina, which is the organizer of this event.

Rakijada in Bukovica

Competition in the preparation of heated rakija with a rich cultural and artistic program and associated fair activities. The excellent atmosphere and the increasing number of participants from year to year make this event inevitable for all lovers of good time.

The Tourist Organization of Kraljevo